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Run Flat Tyres Do You Need Them

Runflat tyres have begun to gain traction world over, with both car users and carmakers alike. They can also be called self-supporting tyres. The sidewalls are reinforced with tough rubber inserts. This is because even after they have lost the air in them they can still run for a while at approved speeds. Usually, the air is what provides support inside tyres, when a tyre is punctured or slashed, it loses air and becomes useless, you have to change it. Runflat tyres solve this problem, at least for a while. You can run for 30 miles per hour for about 50 miles. This could be enough time for you to find a tyre repair shop. 

Can You Fix Run Flats Tyres Dubai

At Dubaityreshop.com Al quoz we recommend against repairing run flat tyres for a number of reasons. One is that run flats tend to be compromised after they have …